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This 60" racer was designed by the co-author of this site Mathew Francis. The drawings are quite detailed and it should be an exciting project to build.  The plan is available in CAD format by clicking on the download link at the bottom of the page. Matt is a prolific producer of new and interesting gliders with the next design due soon HLG !!.

If you have any comments or questions about these designs then please email us .....and of course a picture with a few words about how it flew would be great .

60 " Sloper Racer Design by Mathew Fancis


Click here to Download the 60" racer design

This HLG design is the Terminator, originally designed by some guys from the Charles River Radio Controllers site. The Charles River RC site is packed full of interesting information so make sure you take a look sometime soon. !!

This Terminator plan features the standard tail, but drawings for a V-tail can be found on the Charles River Radio Control Club site. A major change that I have made here is the foil profile. I have specified an Eppler 205 as opposed to the original Selig 4083. The Eppler foil will give it more thermalling ability but will not be as fast as the S4083. You can build it with either foil section if you wish.  Click on the link below to download this design

Terminator HLG

Click here to download the Terminator HLG design