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Hong Kong
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This is the place to catch up with where and what we are flying these days. There are pics from Hong Kong, New Zealand and Canada.  This page is always the latest pics but check out the links to the left for other flying sessions.


Coronet Peak ....South Island, New Zealand

South Island, New Zealand ..Coronet Peak

HUGE slope, perfect weather, snow on the mountains and thermals wafting up from the valley below ....the DAW 1-26 had never had it so good !!

Cape Foulwind ....New Zealands West Coast

South Island New Zealand ..Cape Foulwind

Cliffs, awesome coastal views and with a name like 'Cape Foulwind' it just had to be a place for RC Gliders !!

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Kaikoura ...South Island New Zealand

Perfect location for flying with huge cliffs and a gentle on shore breeze ... The 1-26 is perfect in these conditions.

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Down at the local park with the Chrysalis ...excellent plane


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Cruising at sunset with the DJ Aerotech Chrysalis HLG

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The Chrysalis sneaks in for another hand catch.

Spirit_2M.JPG (60481 bytes)

There are two new Spirits ready to fly comming soon !!

Don't forget to check out the other links for great RC Glider flying locations !